Exchange 2010 – How to Add Mailbox to an existing User Account

When creating user mailboxes using Exchange 2010 you have two options, adding a mailbox to an existing Active Directory user account or creating both the Active Directory user account and mailbox together.

The following process details how to add a mailbox to an existing Active Directory user account.

Adding Mailboxes to existing Domain User Accounts

  1. In the Exchange Management Console, expand the ‘Recipient Configuration’ node, and then select the ‘Mailbox’ node
  2. MSExchange2010-NewMailUser1
  3. From the ‘Actions’ pane, select ‘New Mailbox’
  4. Ensure ‘User Mailbox’ is selected then press ‘Next’
  5. Select ‘New User’ is selected then press ‘Add’
  6. Use the ‘Select User’ dialog box to select the user account to which you want to connect the mailbox, and then click ‘OK’
  7. MSExchange2010-Disconnected4
  8. Click ‘Next’
  9. Ensure the ‘Alias’ is correct (this will become the first part of the email address) then click ‘Next’
  10. MSExchange2010-NewMailUser5
  11. If an archive is required, select ‘Create a local archive’ otherwise click ‘Next’
  12. MSExchange2010-NewMailUser4
  13. Click ‘New’ to create the new user account and mailbox
  14. When finished, click ‘Finish’ to close the wizard.