Outlook Web App – How to change default font and size

The following steps describe how to change the default font and size used in Outlook Web App (Exchange 2010 and above).

These changes will only apply for each user it is changed for, not all users on the server.

How to change default font used by Outlook Web App

  1. Log into Outlook Web App
  2. Click on the ‘Options’ button at the top right of the window
  3. Select ‘Seel All Options’
  4. MSOWA-DefaultFont1
  5. On the left hand menu select ‘Settings’
  6. MSOWA-DefaultFont2
  7. Under ‘Message Format’ choose the message font and size you want to use
  8. MSOWA-DefaultFont3
  9. Click on the ‘Save’ button at the bottom right of the window
  10. MSOWA-DefaultFont4

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2 comments on “Outlook Web App – How to change default font and size

  1. I would very much like to know the answer to the question in the first comment by Dorothy: I cannot set the default font size for signature to 11 points. I copy-paste my corporate-standard signature from MS Word, custom colours are OK, size 7 and 9 are OK, but size 11 auto-changes to 12. Also, it seems to be impossible to change the dafault text colour to anything but the pre-set options.

  2. Is there any way to change the font to 11 point, or is there any way to select RGB values for the font color in OWA? All I seem to have access to are the dropdown list of 10, 12, etc., and the standard selection of text colors.


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