Google Chrome – How to enable extensions in incognito

By default extensions are disabled when using Google Chrome in incognito mode.

This is done because extensions are capable of tracking and recording your browsing activity – exactly what incognito was designed to avoid.

However, if you have some trusted extensions you can’t do without – you can select particular extensions which are allowed in incognito mode.

The following steps show how to enable extensions in incognito mode.

  1. With  Google Chrome open, click on the menu button at the top right (three horizontal dots)
  2. Open ‘More tools’ -> ‘Extensions’
  3. A list of your installed extensions will open
  4. Find the extension you want to enable in incognito mode and click on ‘Details’
  5. Enable the ‘Allow in incognito’ option
  6. The extensions will now be enabled in incognito mode. It will remain enabled until you choose to disable it.