Stop autoplay videos for real in Google Chrome

Google Chrome 66 introduced a new feature hoping to put an end to annoying autoplaying videos.

It was meant to stop videos with audio from autoplaying. But it was massively ineffective – their implementation was nowhere near strict enough with the majority of people simply wanting to ALWAYS stop autoplaying videos.

Fortunately there are a number of third-party extensions attempting to do this – but they’re still not perfect, and may never be because some website developers assume peoples are autoplaying causing confusion when they’re stopped.

AutoplayStopper is the most effective I’ve used. With it installed videos from news websites (one of the worst offenders) would count down to play – but would not actually play until the play button was pressed.

It also lets you configure specific websites – for example, you could set YouTube to always autoplay.

So until Google Chrome manages to officially put an end to autoplaying videos – give AutoplayStopper a try.