Using Gravity Forms ‘gform_disable_auto_update’ PHP filter

The gform_disable_auto_update filter allows you to disable automatic updates in Gravity Forms.


add_filter('gform_disable_auto_update', 'your_custom_function');
function your_custom_function($disabled) {
    // your custom code here
    return $disabled;


  • $disabled (bool): Set to true to disable automatic updates, or false to enable them. Defaults to the inverse of the gform_enable_background_updates option.

More information

See Gravity Forms Docs: gform_disable_auto_update


Disable automatic updates

Disables automatic updates for Gravity Forms.

add_filter('gform_disable_auto_update', '__return_true');

Enable automatic updates

Enables automatic updates for Gravity Forms.

add_filter('gform_disable_auto_update', '__return_false');

Disable automatic updates based on a custom condition

Disable automatic updates only when a specific condition is met.

add_filter('gform_disable_auto_update', 'disable_updates_on_condition');
function disable_updates_on_condition($disabled) {
    if (your_custom_condition()) {
        $disabled = true;
    return $disabled;

Disable automatic updates for specific user roles

Disable automatic updates for users with a specific role.

add_filter('gform_disable_auto_update', 'disable_updates_for_role');
function disable_updates_for_role($disabled) {
    if (current_user_can('your_specific_role')) {
        $disabled = true;
    return $disabled;

Log automatic update status changes

Log the automatic update status when it changes.

add_filter('gform_disable_auto_update', 'log_update_status_changes', 10, 1);
function log_update_status_changes($disabled) {
    if ($disabled) {
        error_log('Gravity Forms automatic updates disabled.');
    } else {
        error_log('Gravity Forms automatic updates enabled.');
    return $disabled;