Using Gravity Forms ‘gform_footer_init_scripts_filter’ PHP filter

The gform_footer_init_scripts_filter Gravity Forms PHP filter allows the scripts that fire in the footer to be modified.


A generic example of how to use the filter:

add_filter('gform_footer_init_scripts_filter', 'your_function_name', 10, 3);


  • $form_string (string): A string of the scripts used in the footer.
  • $form (Form Object): The current form.
  • $current_page (int): The ID of the current page.

More information

See Gravity Forms Docs: gform_footer_init_scripts_filter

Note: The gform_init_scripts_footer must be set to true so scripts are initialized in the footer of the site instead of the page body.


This example adds an alert to the footer when the form is loaded.

add_filter('gform_footer_init_scripts_filter', 'filter_footer', 10, 3);

function filter_footer($form_string, $form, $current_page){
    $form_string .= "<script type='text/javascript'>alert('Hello');</script>";
    return $form_string;

Target a specific form

This example targets a specific form with the form ID 1.

add_filter('gform_footer_init_scripts_filter_1', 'your_function_name', 10, 3);

Add Google Analytics event tracking

This example adds Google Analytics event tracking to a specific form with the form ID 2.

add_filter('gform_footer_init_scripts_filter_2', 'add_ga_event_tracking', 10, 3);

function add_ga_event_tracking($form_string, $form, $current_page){
    $form_string .= "<script type='text/javascript'>gtag('event', 'form_loaded', {'event_category': 'Forms', 'event_label': 'Form 2'});</script>";
    return $form_string;

Add custom JavaScript function

This example adds a custom JavaScript function that is executed when the form is submitted.

add_filter('gform_footer_init_scripts_filter', 'add_custom_js_function', 10, 3);

function add_custom_js_function($form_string, $form, $current_page){
    $form_string .= "<script type='text/javascript'>function customFunction() { console.log('Form submitted'); }</script>";
    return $form_string;

Add a custom jQuery action

This example adds a custom jQuery action to fade out the form after submission.

add_filter('gform_footer_init_scripts_filter', 'add_custom_jquery_action', 10, 3);

function add_custom_jquery_action($form_string, $form, $current_page){
    $form_string .= "<script type='text/javascript'>jQuery(document).on('submit', 'form', function() { jQuery(this).fadeOut(); });</script>";
    return $form_string;