Using Gravity Forms ‘gform_pre_form_settings_save’ PHP filter

The gform_pre_form_settings_save Gravity Forms PHP filter allows you to modify the form object before saving it on the Form Settings page. This is useful for saving custom settings added via the gform_form_settings filter.


add_filter('gform_pre_form_settings_save', 'your_function_name');


  • $form (Form Object) – The current form object being edited.

More information

See Gravity Forms Docs: gform_pre_form_settings_save


Save custom form setting

This example demonstrates how to save custom settings added via the gform_form_settings filter to the form object using the gform_pre_form_settings_save filter.

// Add a custom form setting
add_filter('gform_form_settings', 'my_custom_form_setting', 10, 2);
function my_custom_form_setting($settings, $form) {
    $settings['Form Basics']['my_custom_setting'] = '
            <th><label for="my_custom_setting">My Custom Label</label></th>
            <td><input value="' . rgar($form, 'my_custom_setting') . '" name="my_custom_setting"></td>
    return $settings;

// Save your custom form setting
add_filter('gform_pre_form_settings_save', 'save_my_custom_form_setting');
function save_my_custom_form_setting($form) {
    $form['my_custom_setting'] = rgpost('my_custom_setting');
    return $form;

Additional examples

For additional examples, please refer to the Gravity Forms documentation: gform_pre_form_settings_save