Using Gravity Forms ‘gform_pre_notification_deactivated’ PHP action

The gform_pre_notification_deactivated Gravity Forms action is triggered before a notification is deactivated, allowing further actions to be performed.


add_action('gform_pre_notification_deactivated', 'my_function', 10, 2);


  • $notification_id (int): The ID of the notification being deactivated.
  • $form (array): The form object.

More information

See Gravity Forms Docs: gform_pre_notification_deactivated

This action hook is located in forms_model.php.


Log notification deactivation

Log the deactivation of a notification to a custom log file.

function log_notification_deactivation($notification_id, $form) {
    // Log the notification deactivation
    error_log("Notification ID {$notification_id} deactivated for form ID {$form['id']}");
add_action('gform_pre_notification_deactivated', 'log_notification_deactivation', 10, 2);

Send email when notification is deactivated

Send an email to the admin when a notification is deactivated.

function email_admin_on_deactivation($notification_id, $form) {
    // Send an email to the admin
    wp_mail(get_option('admin_email'), 'Notification Deactivated', "Notification ID {$notification_id} deactivated for form ID {$form['id']}");
add_action('gform_pre_notification_deactivated', 'email_admin_on_deactivation', 10, 2);

Prevent notification deactivation for specific form

Prevent the deactivation of notifications for a specific form.

function prevent_deactivation($notification_id, $form) {
    if ($form['id'] == 5) {
        wp_die('Deactivation of notifications for form ID 5 is not allowed.');
add_action('gform_pre_notification_deactivated', 'prevent_deactivation', 10, 2);

Update notification settings before deactivation

Update the notification settings before deactivation.

function update_notification_settings($notification_id, $form) {
    // Your custom code to update notification settings
add_action('gform_pre_notification_deactivated', 'update_notification_settings', 10, 2);

Track notification deactivations

Store the number of times a notification has been deactivated.

function track_notification_deactivations($notification_id, $form) {
    $count_key = "deactivation_count_{$notification_id}";
    $count = get_option($count_key, 0);
    update_option($count_key, ++$count);
add_action('gform_pre_notification_deactivated', 'track_notification_deactivations', 10, 2);

field’, 10, 2 );
function update_custom_field( $notification_id, $form_id ) {
$value = ‘deactivated’;
update_post_meta( $form_id, ‘notification_status’, $value );
<h3>Example 5: Disable a WordPress Plugin</h3>
<p>If you want to disable a WordPress plugin after a notification is deactivated, you can use the &quot;gform_pre_notification_deactivated&quot; action to perform the deactivation.</p>
<pre><code class=”language-php”>add_action( ‘gform_pre_notification_deactivated’, ‘disable_plugin’, 10, 2 );
function disable_plugin( $notification_id, $form_id ) {
deactivate_plugins( ‘my-plugin/my-plugin.php’ );
<p>The &quot;gform_pre_notification_deactivated&quot; action in Gravity Forms can be very useful if you need to perform any tasks before a notification is deleted. With the five practical examples provided in this guide, you should have a good understanding of how to use this action in your own WordPress sites.</p>