Reset iPhone Without PIN Number

If you receive an iPhone which has an unknown PIN number you will need to wipe and reset it.

The process below details how to wipe it to factory defaults.

    1. Install iTunes on a desktop computer from the Apple website
    2. Using the iPhone USB cable, plug the iPhone into the computer
    3. Hold down the ‘home’ button and the ‘sleep’ button at the same time for about 20-30 seconds
    4. Release the buttons when you see an iTunes icon and USB cable on the iPhone screen
    5. iphone-reset-or-restore
    6. On the desktop computer iTunes will prompt that you have booted into ‘recovery mode’ Click ‘OK’ to continue.
    7. iphone-reset1
    8. Click on the ‘Restore iPhone’ button
    9. iphone-reset2
    10. A message will open, click ‘Restore and Update’ to start the restoration process.
    11. iphone-reset3
    12. This restoration will take 10 minutes. DO NOT UNPLUG OR TURN OFF THE IPHONE UNTIL COMPLETED.
    13. The iPhone will beep once when completed. On the screen you will see it is ready to use.