Excel 2010 – How to create drop down lists

A drop down list allows you to enter data into an Excel spreadsheet from a preset list of entries. This can be done to make data entry easier or to limit the number of acceptable choices.


Please note: To create a drop down list the file type needs to be .xlsx. If your file does not end with .xlsx:

  1. Select the ‘File’ menu then ‘Save As’


  1. Ensure that the ‘Save as type’ is ‘Excel Workbook (*.xlsx)’ and save the document.


The following instructions detail how to create a drop down list in Excel 2010:

  1. Select a new sheet (e.g. ‘Sheet2′) and enter in your drop down list options


  1. Go back to your original sheet (e.g. ‘Sheet1′) and select the fields you need to be a drop down list field


  1. Select the ‘Data’ ribbon from the top menu then ‘Data Validation’
  1. Under ‘Allow’ select ‘List’
  2. Click on the icon next to ‘Source’
  3. Navigation to your list (e.g. Sheet2), select the list and click on the icon again


  1. Select ‘OK’ to save the changes