Outlook 2010 – How to automatically colour code emails

The steps below describe how to configure Outlook 2010 to automatically colour code emails by a category.

Note: This will only apply when viewing the mailbox from Outlook. The colour label will not be seen from Outlook Web Access (webmail) or a mobile phone.

In this example we will colour all emails received from ‘itsupport’ green.



  1. Open the main Outlook window
  2. At the top of the screen, where you see the title for each column (e.g. “from” and “sent”) right-click
  3. Select ‘View Settings’
  4. MSOutlook2010-ColourCode1
  5. Click on ‘Conditional formatting’
  6. MSOutlook2010-ColourCode2
  7. Click on ‘Add’ and enter a name, for example “mark emails from itsupport as green”
  8. MSOutlook2010-ColourCode3
  9. Click on the ‘Condition’ button
  10. Using the ‘From’ button, either enter the email address or select and add the email account. Here you may also choose select the other conditions you want to apply.
  11. MSOutlook2010-ColourCode4
  12. Click ‘OK’
  13. Click on the ‘Font’ button
  14. Select the font you want, for example green and bold
  15. MSOutlook2010-ColourCode5
  16. Click ‘OK’
  17. Click ‘OK’ again
  18. Then click ‘Yes’ to confirm
  19. Followed by ‘OK’ to close the close window
  20. All emails from this sender will now automatically display in a green font
  21. MSOutlook2010-ColourCode6