[SOLVED] Word 2010 – Referring to the same footnote twice

You’re able to reference the same footnote twice in Microsoft Word by using a cross-reference.

However, cross-references have a limitation – if you insert another footnote above the original one, the footnote number will update but the cross-reference number will not.

To update the cross-references in a document simply open the print preview window.


To insert a footnote and then use a cross-reference:

  1.     With Microsoft Word open, place the cursor where the original footnote needs to be placed
  2.     Select the ‘References’ ribbon
  3.     Select the ‘Insert Footnote’ button and enter in the footnote information
  4.     Place the cursor where the second footnote needs to be placed
  5.     Select the ‘References’ ribbon
  6.     Select ‘cross-references’
  7.     Under ‘Reference type’ select ‘Footnote’
  8.     Under ‘Insert reference to’ select ‘Footnote number (formated)’
  9.     Under ‘For which footnote’ select the appropriate footnote you need to cross reference
  10.     Click ‘Insert’


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