Word 2016 – How to use the same footnote twice

The following steps show how to use a footnote in Word 2016 twice – using a “cross-reference”.

To insert a footnote and then use a cross-reference:

  1. With your document open in Microsoft Word open
  2. Insert the first footnote by clicking where the first footnote needs to be placed
  3. Open the ‘References’ ribbon
  4. Select the ‘Insert Footnote’ button and enter in the footnote information
  5. Insert the second footnote by clicking where you need it
  6. Open the ‘References’ ribbon
  7. In the ‘Captions’ group, click on ‘Cross-reference’
  8. Set ‘Reference type’ to ‘Footnote’
  9. Set ‘Insert reference to’ to ‘Footnote number (formatted)’
  10. Under ‘For which footnote’ select the footnote you need to cross reference
  11. Click ‘Insert’
  12. Click the ‘Close’ button to close the window
  13. Your document is now referring to the same footnote twice.


Important note about updating cross-references

Note: cross-references have a limitation – if you insert another footnote above the original one, the footnote number will update but the cross-reference number will not.

To update the cross-reference you need to right-click on the number and click on ‘Update’


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3 comments on “Word 2016 – How to use the same footnote twice

  1. But the second note call is not like the first one.

    The result is crappy.

    And the note call does not even link to the note, it links to the first note call.

    It is funny how Micro$oft manages to transform so simple things into so crappy features.

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