How to export Outlook auto-complete to Excel list

In Outlook when you send an email the address is remembered and added to an ‘auto-complete’ list.

The next time you type the email address into the ‘to’ field (as well as cc and bcc) – the auto-complete list appears, allowing you to select from the list instead of completely writing the address.

This is a huge time saver, but what if you want to export the auto-complete list?

Outlook doesn’t give you the option to export an auto-complete list, but with a third-party program called NK2Edit you can.

How to export Outlook auto-complete to Excel

  1. Close Outlook
  2. Download NK2Edit  (the ‘Download NK2Edit in a zip File’ link at the bottom of the page)
  3. Run NK2Edit.exe (if it doesn’t run, it’s possible your anti-virus software is incorrectly seeing it as a virus and stopping it from loading)
  4. It will automatically connect to the auto-complete list for the current user profile – if it does not, see below
  5. Select all the emails in the list (or the ones you want to export)
  6. Click on the ‘File’ menu then ‘Export Selected Items’
  7. Enter a name for the file under ‘File name’
  8. Under ‘Save as type’ choose ‘comma Delimited Text File (*.csv)’
  9. Save the file.

What if it didn’t find my auto-complete list?

The auto complete list is stored in the user profile, under %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\

You will need to manually browse to this location to find the file.

It will look something like Stream_Autocomplete_ etc etc.

  1. Once you have the auto-complete file, click on the ‘Open’ icon in the toolbar
  2. Browse to where the auto-complete file has been saved
  3. Follow steps 5-11 above.