Word – mail merge field changes format (font/size) when merged


When running a mail merge in Microsoft Word some merge fields change format. For example, the font or size will change.

Changing the styles applied to the field or the merge code do not resolve the issue.


When this happens you can edit the merge code to include the ‘charformat’ switch to enforce the formats applied to the field.

  1. Right-click on the merge field and choose ‘Toggle Field Codes’
  2. At the end of the merge field code, before the closing bracket, add
  3. \*charformat
  4. For example – { MERGEFIELD Balance_Remaining } would become { MERGEFIELD Balance_Remaining \* charformat }
  5. Right-click on the merge field again and choose ‘Toggle Field Code’ to restore the merge field.
  6. Now when you run the mail merge the formatting applied to the field should remain.

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13 comments on “Word – mail merge field changes format (font/size) when merged

  1. Hello, I created a custom font from my handwriting (called MyFont). I can change the return address to this font but not the mail address. I read the above and am still not understanding how I change the address fields to MyFont in the main address.



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