Enabling IP Restriction in IIS 7.0

IP level restrictions allows for access to an IIS managed site to be granted or denied based on its IP address on the network (or Internet). This can be used an additional level of security to the entire site or sub-sites.

How to enable IP restrictions in IIS 7.0

  1. Run command prompt as administrator (this is different to running with an account who is an administrator). Browse to c:windowssystem 32, right click on cmd.exe and choose Run As the local Administrator account.
  2. Type servermanagercmd -install Web-IP-Security and hit enter. This will install the required module.
  3. Open IIS, select the site required and in the features view, double click “IPv4 Address and Domain Restrictions”.
  4. Right click “Add Allow Entry…” and add the required IP address or range (or “Add Deny Entry…” to block a specific IP).