VMware ESXi 5 – How to add a new storage datastore

This article will go through the process of adding a new storage datastore to a VMWare ESXi 5 host using VMware vSphere.

Please note: In this example the VMWare ESXi 5 operating system is being ran in a virtual environment using VMware Workstation.

  1. Install the storage device as per manufacture instructions
  2. Open the VMware vSphere Client
  3. ESXi-Install16
  4. Enter in the IP address (or host name) for the ESXi host, the User name and Password then click ‘Login’
  5. ESXi-Install17
  6. If you receive a certificate error message, click ‘Ignore’
  7. Select the ‘Configuration’ tab
  8. Under ‘Hardware’ select ‘Storage’
  9. ESXi-Storage1
  10. Under ‘Datastores’ select ‘Add Storage’
  11. The ‘Add storage’ wizard will load. Select your required storage type then click ‘Next’
  12. ESXi-Storage2
  13. Any unallocated storage devices will appear in the list. Select the required storage device then click ‘Next’
  14. ESXi-Storage3
  15. Select the file system version (if you do not have any ESX hosts older than 5.0 select VMFS-5) then click ‘Next’
  16. ESXi-Storage4
  17. Configure the disk layout as desired then Click ‘Next’
  18. ESXi-Storage5
  19. Enter a name to identify the datastore then click ‘Next’
  20. ESXi-Storage5
  21. Specify the storage capacity then click Click ‘Next’
  22. ESXi-Storage7
  23. Click ‘Finish’ to complete the process
  24. ESXi-Storage9
  25. The new storage datastore will be available to use with new or existing virtual machines.