Credit card numbers for testing payment gateways

These credit card numbers can be used to test a payment gateway without having to perform an actual transaction.

The numbers are intended for testing systems and will be rejected by the bank.

Card Type Card Number Number Characters
Master Card 5105105105105100 (16) Characters
Master Card 5555555555554444 (16) Characters
Master Card 4222222222222 (13) Characters
VISA 4111111111111111 (16) Characters
VISA 4012888888881881 (16) Characters
American Express 378282246310005 (15) Characters
American Express 371449635398431 (15) Characters
Amex Corporate 378734493671000 (15) Characters
Dinners Club 38520000023237 (14) Characters
Dinners Club 30569309025904 (14) Characters
Discover 6011111111111117 (16) Characters
Discover 6011000990139424 (16) Characters
JCB 3530111333300000 (16) Characters
JCB 3566002020360505 (16) Characters

Credit card number length and patterns

If you’re testing how the system decides what type of card has been entered, the details below explain how each type of credit card is defined by it’s length and what it starts with.

Visa: 13 or 16 numbers starting with 4
MasterCard: 16 numbers starting with 5
Discover: 16 numbers starting with 6011
AMEX: 15 numbers starting with 34 or 37

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