Elevators that call home – and now you can listen to their conversations online

Have you ever noticed the brand name KONE as you step into an elevator? If so, you are traveling in part of the Internet of Things.

KONE elevators communicate constantly with their analytics cloud to help the company keep tabs on their condition. They have a real-time page that translates this information into human language, from elevators around the world. The analytics cloud is run by IBM’s Watson which uses “natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from large amounts of unstructured data”.


IBM’s Harriet Green: “Our systems reason and create hypotheses about what may be happening, and, crucially, they learn. That means, the more data these systems ingest, the better they get. . . . these technologies will help engineers figure out in advance when a part in an elevator may need servicing or replacing, enabling predictive maintenance”

More of the theory of this at: