Google Chrome – How to change spell check language

Google Chrome comes with a built-in spell checker to help check words you type into web pages.

If you installed the English version of Google Chrome you’ll find that the default dictionary is English (United States) – but what if you use a variation, such as English (Australia)?

The following steps show how to install and switch to a new dictionary – in this case we’ll be going from English (United States) to English (Australia).

  1. With Google Chrome open, click on the menu bar at the top right of the window then ‘Settings’
  2. At the bottom of the settings window, click on ‘Show advanced settings’
  3. Under the ‘Languages’ heading, click on the ‘Language and input settings’ button
  4. Click on the ‘Add’ button
  5. Select the desired language from the list and click ‘OK’
  6. With the new language selected, tick ‘Use this language for spell checking’
  7. Now select the old language, e.g. English (United States) and un-tick ‘Use this language for spell checking’
  8. Click ‘Done’ to save the changes and close the settings tab