Windows 7/8/10/11 – How to change a files ‘Created’ and ‘Modified’ dates

If you need to change the ‘Created’ or ‘Modified’ dates on a file you have two options:

  1. Change the date and time on your computer, then save the file
  2. Use a third-party utility.

Using option two, my favourite utility is FileDate Changer – which is completely FREE and doesn’t require installation. Just download and run, even from a USB stick.

With it you can drop and drag a list of files from either your local computer, a network drive or UNC path then select the dates and hit ‘Change File Date’.

You can download the utility from the official website here:

Or here:





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5 comments on “Windows 7/8/10/11 – How to change a files ‘Created’ and ‘Modified’ dates

  1. when I tried to change created and modified date of a mp4 file on my windows phone, I got this error:
    cannot change the date of….
    please verify that you have a write permission to this file

  2. Obviously you can follow above steps when you have to do it once, but when it is a task of daily basis then it is always a pain to follow such steps. And as there is no simple way to do this in windows. There are several programs which claim to be able to preserve the creation date of files. The best among those few programs which surely will do the trick is GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise. The software provides allot of other features like e-mail notification when job is done, scheduling your copy etc. Its very robust and reliable. I’ve been using it myself from a long time. You must give it a try. Hope this might help.

  3. Directory Report has more date changing capabilities
    Such as:
    Copying dates from one attribute to another (Example: copy created date to modified date)
    Adding/subtracting a delta
    Modifying the dates of multiple files in one batch
    Setting all dates to today’s date

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