How to Install Unzip on Ubuntu Server

When dealing with compressed files on an Ubuntu Server, it’s often necessary to unpack or extract these files to access the contents within.

The following guide walks you through the process of installing the Unzip utility on an Ubuntu Server, alongside examples demonstrating its usage.


  • An Ubuntu Server
  • Access to the terminal

Installing Unzip Utility

  1. Open the terminal on your Ubuntu server.
  2. Update the package list to ensure the latest version of the repository listings is used:
    sudo apt update
  3. Install Unzip with the following command:
    sudo apt install unzip

Using Unzip Utility

  • Unzipping a Single File:
  • Unzipping to a Specific Directory:
    unzip -d destination_directory
  • Listing Contents of a Zip File without Unzipping:
    unzip -l
  • Unzipping Multiple Files:
    unzip '*.zip'