VBS Script – Get Monitor Serial Number Remotely

The following VBS scripts will allow you to remotely connect to a computer on your network to collect the monitor details.

It retrieves the:

  •  Instance name
  • Manufacture name
  • User friendly name (often contains the monitor’s model name)
  • Serial number
  • Week of manufacture
  • Year of manufacture

There are two versions of the script available, one for a single computer and one for a list of computers.

Both can be downloaded below.

Get monitor serial number for a single computer

Get Monitor Info – remotely.vbs

When you run the script it will prompt for the remote computer name:


After entering the remote computer name it will return the information on all attached monitors.

For example:

Get monitor serial number for a list of computers

VBS – Get Monitor Serial Number Remotely – Machine List.zip

Note – Microsoft Excel must be installed on the computer to run this script.

  1. After downloading and extracting the ZIP file you will find two files,
    1. MachineList.txt – which holds the list of computers to get the serial numbers from, each computer name needs to be on a new line
    2. Get_Monitor Info – remotely (MachineList).vbs – the script to run
  2. Update MachineList with the list of computers
  3. Run ‘Get_Monitor Info – remotely (MachineList).vbs’
  4. Microsoft Excel will load and begin to add the header row then the details of each computer
  5. If a computer is online (available on the network) its details will be recorded then it is removed from MachineList.txt
  6. If a computer is offline it is marked as ‘Offline’ in the excel document and it remains in MachineList, so you can run the script later when the computer is online.


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31 comments on “VBS Script – Get Monitor Serial Number Remotely

  1. Hi, can i get vbscript to get all HW .Screen Model , logged user, machine S.N#, machine model, HDD zise , Ram size , number or RAM installed,
    MAC Address , Operating System , HD Free Space [GB], HD Used Space [GB], CPU Speed, USB devices installed, HD S/N, HD Model, ect..

  2. Hi, i had the same problem like you and by reading the code i realyze that in this part

    ‘ ——— Check If PC is on ————-
    Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
    Set WshExec = WshShell.Exec(“ping -n 1 -w 1000 ” & strComputer) ‘send 3 echo requests, waiting 2secs each
    strPingResults = LCase(WshExec.StdOut.ReadAll)
    the varaible strPingResults have to contains reply from but i’m in a french environement and the reply of ping is in french so i just replace “reply from” by “réponse de” and i was not enough to make it work because of accented characters so the good formulation was

    If InStr(strPingResults, “r” & chr(130) & “ponse de”) Then
    ‘Successful ping

    char(130) = é .
    hope this help.
    and by the way thank for the script

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