3 free online tools for cross-browser testing a website

For web developers testing for cross-browser compatibility is a critical but often difficult and time consuming task.

The first challenge is usually getting access to all the different variations – different operating systems and different browsers.

Fortunately there are online tools available, saving you the need to purchase both Mac OS and Windows – and having to maintain them.

1. BrowserStack


BrowserStack provides access to 300+ virtual machines, each with different operating systems and browsers installed.

They offer a free 30 minute trial and plans plans starting from $39 a month.


 2. Sauce Labs


Sauce Labs provides 30 minutes a month for free and plans starting from $12 a month.

Whilst they offer fewer test combinations – 250, the most promising is their mobile platform options.


3. Browsershots


Browsershots provides automatic screen shots of a single web page in 149 different browsers – across Linux, Windows, Mac and BSD.

As a free service you can only run each page once every 24 hours and are given a low priority – some scans take up to 15 minutes to complete.