How to fix blurry text on FHD screen


I recently purchased a new Lenovo laptop – top of the line specs at a bargain price – including a FHD display.

It didn’t take long for me to realise that some text was blurry. Website content, images and videos were perfect – but some dialog boxes like installer prompts and even the Windows Device Manager had blurry text.


FHD (full high definition) displays have an impressive pixel count – 1980 x 1080 – letting everything display with finer detail. But because a typical laptop screen is not that big it leaves the text impossibly small to read. This is where Windows 10 cleverly tries to automatically adjusts font sizes to 150% – however now that 1 pixel is trying to use 1.5 pixels – creating blurry edges.

The “ClearType” technology is meant to soften these edges, but in this case it did not – it may have even made things worse.

The solution? A custom configuration to tell windows exactly what DPI and text scaling to use to minimise the blurriness as much as possible whilst still leaving the text large enough to see.

To install, download the ZIP file below and run the INSTALL file and restart the computer – you should instantly notice that the fonts are no longer blurry.

If this doesn’t work for you, you can uninstall using the UNINSTALL file or reset your display settings 

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