Windows 10 – Home vs Pro – which should you use?

If you’re left wondering whether Windows 10 Home or Pro edition is best for you – chances are Home is all you’ll ever need.

But what’s the difference? Wikipedia has a great summary that highlights the difference – but in short Pro edition will give you five advantages:


BitLocker is Microsoft’s encryption software that allows you to completely encrypt your hard drive – protecting your data from being accessed without your login details.

Without BitLocker even without your login details someone can take the hard drive out of your computer, plug it into another computer and access all your data.

Remote Desktop Host

Remote Desktop is Microsoft’s software that allows you to remotely control another windows computer by remotely logging into it and viewing the screen.

Both Home and Pro allows you to remote into other computers – but only Pro is able to be remotely controlled.

Group Policy  Editor

The Group Policy Editor is typically used by network administrators in an Active Directory Domain – it allows a computer to be configured and customised using complex controls — many options are not available without using Group Policy.

Join Active Directory Domain

Active Directory is a networking tool that is used in work places to manage workstations on the network.

If the computer needs to be connected to an Active Directory Domain network it will need Pro edition.

Higher RAM  limit

Home edition is limited to 128 GB of RAM – given current RAM amounts are typically 8 or maybe 16 GB it’s unlikely, or at least for a long time, that this much RAM will become common.