Windows 10 – How to enable night light mode (blue light)

The Windows 10 Creators Update introduced a new feature – ‘night light’.

With night light your the tones on your monitor will automatically adjust from a more blue light to a yellow light at night time.

For those not familiar with blue light – the theory is that it interrupts our sleep pattern making our bodies think it is still daylight. There’s more on this on Wikipedia:

How to enable night light in  Windows 10

  1. On your desktop, right-click and choose ‘Display settings’
  3. Under ‘Brightness and color’ set ‘Night light’ to ‘On
  4. Click on ‘Night light settings’
  5. Here you can configure the yellow tone used when night light is enabled as well as the schedule for when it turns on and off.
  6. Use the ‘Color temperature at night’ bar to adjust the color tone – for my display about 80% was comfortable.
  7. Set ‘Schedule night light’ to ‘On’
  8. You can choose to automatically use the sunrise and sunset details for your current location or to manually set the times (I have location services disabled – so I need to manually set the times).
  9. The changes are applied as soon as they’re set – close the window when done and the night light will enable automatically as you’ve configured.