Windows 10 – How to uninstall fonts

The following steps show how to uninstall fonts using Windows 10.

This may be useful if you have a font on the computer that you are no longer licensed to use or you want to install it on another computer.


  • You will need local administrator access to uninstall fonts
  • Do not uninstall the default fonts that came with Windows 10 – some programs may assume the fonts are available and will have troubles if they are uninstalled


  1. Browse to the Windows font folder located at C:\Windows\Fonts
  2. Locate the font from the list of install fonts (note that the font may be listed more than once – for example “light” or “bold”)
  3. Right-click on the font to install and choose ‘Delete’
  4. When prompted, choose ‘Yes’ to delete the font
  5. Follow the prompts (if any)
  6. The font is now deleted.