Internet Explorer – How to delete the temporary internet files without losing your browsing history

The instructions below detail how to clear your temporary internet files without loosing the history of websites visited, cookies and saved passwords.

  1. With Internet Explorer open, press the Alt button on your keyboard – this brings up the ‘File’ menu
  2. Select the ‘Tools’ menu
  3. Click on ‘Delete browsing history’
  4. IE-DeleteInternetFiles1
  5. Un-tick everything, except ‘Temporary Internet Files’
  6. IE-DeleteInternetFiles2
  7.  Then click on the ‘Delete’ button
  8. Eventually (usually in less than a minute) you will see a yellow bar at the bottom of the window, confirming the temporary internet files have been deleted
  9. IE-DeleteInternetFiles3
  10.  Finally, close Internet Explorer and open it again
  11. The temporary internet files will now be cleared, but your browsing history will remain.