Windows 7 – How to sync the time

It’s a fact – for whatever reason most computers don’t keep the time perfectly and at times completely forget what time it is. This can leave you with a computer that won’t connect to a work network or allow you to access https website.

Fortunately Windows 7 allows you to sync the time on your computer over the Internet. There are two ways this can be done.

How to sync the time using the GUI

  1. Right-click on the time at the bottom right of your screen
  2. Click on ‘Adjust date/time’
  3. Windows7-SyncTime2
  4. Click on the ‘Internet Time’ tab (note: this option is NOT available for computers which are joined to a Windows Domain – if you do not have this option you will need to use the command line below)
  5. Windows7-SyncTime3
  6. Click on the ‘Change Settings’ button
  7. If the UAC prompt appears, click ‘Yes’
  8. Click ‘Update now’ to tell the computer to start the sync
  9. Windows7-SyncTime4

How to sync the time using the command line

Note: This is the only way to manually sync the time for computers which are joined to a Windows Domain.

  1. Open the Command tool and enter in the following command

w32tm /resync


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