Windows 7 – ‘Recent Items’ folder location

The Recent Items folder (previously called Recent Documents in Windows XP) is used by Windows to record what documents have been opened. The list is displayed in the Windows start menu either under the ‘Recent Items’ menu item or when you hover over applications.

The following path is where the folder is stored. By accessing it from the folder you can access more history, sort by date and see the file types (by looking at the file icons).



Note: As these are shortcuts, they may no longer work if the file has been moved or deleted since it was originally created.

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5 comments on “Windows 7 – ‘Recent Items’ folder location

  1. How many items are recorded in Recent Items, by default? Can this be changed? I want as many items as possible. If so, how is this done, please?

  2. How many items are recorded in Recent Items? Can this be changed, and if so, how? Thanks. I want the list to be as long as possible.

  3. I need to change how many Recent documents the folder shows, because I need A LOT this function and have an high resolution in my display, so I have space to show a lot of Recent documents but Windows 7 only show the last 15 elements… someone knows how to change that quantity??? 🙁

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