How to display your websites latest Disqus comments on a page or post

Disqus provides a JavaScript widget – recent_comments_widget.js – that allows you to list your websites latest Disqus comments. The widget can be embedded on your website and outputs the latest comments as HTML. The best part is it’s dead simple to use and doesn’t require any complicated configuration or an API key.


Simply copy the code below and past into the post or page – making sure to use the ‘Text’ tab (not the ‘Visual’ tab)  and replace disqusshortname with the short name for your account.


You can also change other variables as required.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Alternatively you can install the Disqus last comments addon plugin that uses this widget but makes it easier to configure and insert in your post or page.

You can find the plugin on the WordPress plugin directory.


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5 comments on “How to display your websites latest Disqus comments on a page or post

  1. I’m trying to get my recent Disqus comments showing using a widget to show in my sidebar on WordPress. Where it says “Include the [disqus-latest] shortcode in the page, post or widget where you want the latest comments displayed” what do I put in the widget?

  2. thanks for the Lastest Disqus Comments plugin… i was wondering if there’s any option to only display comments FROM a specific WordPress page or Post? For instance. I have a sitewith wordpress posts for daily news and create pages for focused conversations. I’d like to display (say) 5 recent comments from the “focused conversation” page in my sidebar..

    many thanks gain.

  3. I just wanted to point out that your Disqus links from your widget on the homepage are not working. Bit disappointing as your site is listed as an example on the Plugin page. When you fix it can you please let me know the changes you made as i am suffering from the same problem.

    1. It’s working fine for me – perhaps direct your disappointment towards Disqus. These instructions (and the plugin) only output what their JavaScript API provides.

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