Using WordPress ‘alloptions’ PHP filter

The alloptions WordPress PHP filter allows you to modify all options retrieved from the database.


add_filter('alloptions', 'your_custom_function_name');
function your_custom_function_name($alloptions) {
    // your custom code here

    return $alloptions;


  • $alloptions: (array) An array containing all the options retrieved from the database.

More information

See WordPress Developer Resources: alloptions


Change site title

Modify the site title by appending ” – Custom”:

add_filter('alloptions', 'change_site_title');
function change_site_title($alloptions) {
    $alloptions['blogname'] .= ' - Custom';
    return $alloptions;

Disable comments globally

Disable comments for all posts and pages:

add_filter('alloptions', 'disable_comments_globally');
function disable_comments_globally($alloptions) {
    $alloptions['default_comment_status'] = 'closed';
    return $alloptions;

Change default category

Change the default category for new posts to a specific ID (e.g., 10):

add_filter('alloptions', 'change_default_category');
function change_default_category($alloptions) {
    $alloptions['default_category'] = 10;
    return $alloptions;

Modify upload path

Change the default upload path to a custom directory (e.g., ‘custom-uploads’):

add_filter('alloptions', 'modify_upload_path');
function modify_upload_path($alloptions) {
    $alloptions['upload_path'] = 'custom-uploads';
    return $alloptions;

Set a custom date format

Set a custom date format for the site (e.g., ‘Y-m-d’):

add_filter('alloptions', 'set_custom_date_format');
function set_custom_date_format($alloptions) {
    $alloptions['date_format'] = 'Y-m-d';
    return $alloptions;