Using WordPress ‘blog_option_{$option}’ PHP filter

The blog_option_{$option} WordPress PHP filter allows you to modify a blog option value. The dynamic part of the filter, $option, refers to the blog option name.


add_filter('blog_option_example_option', 'modify_blog_option_value', 10, 2);

function modify_blog_option_value($value, $id) {
  // Your custom code here

  return $value;


  • $value (string): The option value.
  • $id (int): Blog ID.

More information

See WordPress Developer Resources: blog_option_{$option}


Change blog name

Modify the blog name by appending a custom text.

add_filter('blog_option_blogname', 'modify_blog_name', 10, 2);

function modify_blog_name($value, $id) {
  $value .= ' - Custom Text';
  return $value;

Change the blog description

Update the blog description by adding extra information.

add_filter('blog_option_blogdescription', 'modify_blog_description', 10, 2);

function modify_blog_description($value, $id) {
  $value .= ' - Extra Information';
  return $value;

Set a default blog language

Set a default blog language if the blog language is not set.

add_filter('blog_option_WPLANG', 'set_default_language', 10, 2);

function set_default_language($value, $id) {
  if (empty($value)) {
    $value = 'en_US';
  return $value;

Force the blog to be private

Force the blog to always be private by changing the blog_public option.

add_filter('blog_option_blog_public', 'force_private_blog', 10, 2);

function force_private_blog($value, $id) {
  return 0; // Set the blog to private

Modify the blog’s time zone

Change the blog’s time zone to a specific time zone.

add_filter('blog_option_timezone_string', 'modify_timezone', 10, 2);

function modify_timezone($value, $id) {
  $value = 'America/New_York'; // Set the time zone to New York
  return $value;