Using WordPress ‘clean_category_cache()’ PHP function

The clean_category_cache() WordPress PHP function is used to remove the category cache data based on a specific ID.


To use the clean_category_cache() function, you simply need to pass in the ID of the category you want to clear from the cache.


In this example, the cache for the category with the ID of 15 is cleared.


  • $id (int) – The ID of the category you wish to clear from the cache.

More information

See WordPress Developer Resources: clean_category_cache

This function was implemented in WordPress 3.1.0. It has not been deprecated as of the latest WordPress version. The source code for this function is located in wp-includes/category.php.


Clearing a Category Cache

This example clears the cache for category 12.


Clearing Multiple Category Caches

This example demonstrates how to clear the cache for multiple categories using an array of IDs.

$categories = array(1, 2, 3, 4, 5);

foreach ($categories as $category_id) {

Clearing Cache after Creating a Category

This example creates a new category and then immediately clears the cache.

$category_id = wp_create_category('New Category');

Clearing Cache after Updating a Category

This example shows how to clear the cache after updating a category.

wp_update_category(array('cat_ID' => 2, 'category_nicename' => 'updated-category'));

Clearing Cache after Deleting a Category

This example shows how to clear the cache after deleting a category.


In each of these examples, the clean_category_cache() function is used to clear the cache for specific category IDs. This helps to ensure that the most up-to-date category data is used in your WordPress site.