Using WordPress ‘comment_author_url()’ PHP function

The comment_author_url() WordPress PHP function displays the URL of the author of the current comment. It’s not linked to the author’s name but can be used to create such a link.


To use the comment_author_url(), simply call it within your WordPress theme. You may optionally pass a comment ID if you’re not working within the comment loop.



  • $comment_id (int|WP_Comment, Optional) – Accepts either a WP_Comment object or an integer representing the ID of the comment for which to print the author’s URL. The default is the current comment.

More information

See WordPress Developer Resources: comment_author_url()

This function has been a part of WordPress since its early versions and there’s no deprecation in sight. The source code can be found in wp-includes/comment-template.php.


Display Comment Author URL

This code will display the URL of the author of a specific comment, given that you have the ID of the comment. It directly calls the function with the comment ID as a parameter.

// Assume $comment_id is the ID of the comment

This code will create a link with the author’s name as the text and the author’s URL as the href. It uses comment_author() to get the author’s name and comment_author_url() to get the URL.

echo '<a href="' . comment_author_url() . '">' . comment_author() . '</a>';

Check if Comment Author Has a URL

This code checks if a comment author has a URL. It does so by comparing the output of get_comment_author() and get_comment_author_link(). If they are the same, the author doesn’t have a URL.

if (get_comment_author() == get_comment_author_link()) {
    // The author doesn't have a URL

Display All Comment Authors’ URLs in a Post

This code will loop through all the comments in a post and display the authors’ URLs. It uses get_comments() to get all the comments, then loops through them, using comment_author_url() to print each author’s URL.

$comments = get_comments(array('post_id' => $post->ID));
foreach ($comments as $comment) {

Display Comment Author URL in a Custom Comments Callback

This code shows how you might use comment_author_url() within a custom comments callback function. The callback function is passed to wp_list_comments() to customize the output of comments.

function my_custom_comments($comment, $args, $depth) {
    echo comment_author_url($comment->comment_ID);
wp_list_comments(array('callback' => 'my_custom_comments'), $comments);