Using WordPress ‘get_blog_post()’ PHP function

The get_blog_post() WordPress PHP function retrieves a blog post from any site on the network, not just the current site.


To use the get_blog_post() function, simply provide the blog ID and post ID as arguments:

$post = get_blog_post(3, 6);


  • $blog_id (int) – Required. ID of the blog.
  • $post_id (int) – Required. ID of the post being looked for.

More information

See WordPress Developer Resources: get_blog_post()


Display post title

Get the post with ID 6 from site 3 and display its title:

$post_6 = get_blog_post(3, 6);
if ($post_6) {
    echo $post_6->post_title;

Display post content

Get the post with ID 12 from site 5 and display its content:

$post_12 = get_blog_post(5, 12);
if ($post_12) {
    echo $post_12->post_content;

Display post author

Get the post with ID 8 from site 2 and display its author:

$post_8 = get_blog_post(2, 8);
if ($post_8) {
    $author = get_userdata($post_8->post_author);
    echo $author->display_name;

Display post date

Get the post with ID 20 from site 4 and display its publication date:

$post_20 = get_blog_post(4, 20);
if ($post_20) {
    echo $post_20->post_date;

Display post permalink

Get the post with ID 15 from site 6 and display its permalink:

$post_15 = get_blog_post(6, 15);
if ($post_15) {
    $permalink = get_permalink($post_15);
    echo $permalink;