Using WordPress ‘get_clean_basedomain()’ PHP function

The get_clean_basedomain() WordPress PHP function retrieves the base domain of a network.


To use the get_clean_basedomain() function, simply call the function and store the result in a variable.

$base_domain = get_clean_basedomain();
echo $base_domain; // Output:


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More information

See WordPress Developer Resources: get_clean_basedomain


Display Base Domain

This code displays the base domain of the network.

$base_domain = get_clean_basedomain();
echo "The base domain is: " . $base_domain;

Create a Subdomain

This code creates a subdomain by appending a string to the base domain.

$base_domain = get_clean_basedomain();
$subdomain = "blog." . $base_domain;
echo "The subdomain is: " . $subdomain;

This code generates a link to a subpage on the base domain.

$base_domain = get_clean_basedomain();
$subpage = "/contact-us";
$link = "https://" . $base_domain . $subpage;
echo "Link to the contact page: " . $link;

Check If Current Domain Matches Base Domain

This code checks if the current domain matches the base domain.

$current_domain = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];
$base_domain = get_clean_basedomain();

if ($current_domain === $base_domain) {
    echo "You are on the base domain!";
} else {
    echo "You are not on the base domain!";

Add WWW to Base Domain

This code adds “www” to the base domain and displays it.

$base_domain = get_clean_basedomain();
$www_domain = "www." . $base_domain;
echo "The www version of the base domain is: " . $www_domain;