Using WordPress ‘get_term_parents_list()’ PHP function

The get_term_parents_list() WordPress PHP function retrieves a list of term parents separated by a specified separator.


get_term_parents_list($term_id, $taxonomy, $args)


  • $term_id (int) – Required. The ID of the term.
  • $taxonomy (string) – Required. The taxonomy name.
  • $args (string|array) – Optional. Array of optional arguments.
    • format (string) – Use term names or slugs for display. Accepts ‘name’ or ‘slug’. Default ‘name’.
    • separator (string) – Separator for between the terms. Default ‘/’.
    • link (bool) – Whether to format as a link. Default true.
    • inclusive (bool) – Include the term to get the parents for. Default true.

More information

See WordPress Developer Resources: get_term_parents_list()


Display Term Parents in Category Archive Pages

This example displays term parents in category archive pages. Use this in your category archive theme templates.

if (is_category()) {
    // Get the current category term id
    $query_obj = get_queried_object();
    $term_id = $query_obj->term_id;

    // Echo term parents list
    echo get_term_parents_list($term_id, 'category');

This example creates a breadcrumb trail for taxonomy pages. Use it in your theme’s taxonomy templates.

if (is_tax() || is_category() || is_tag()) {
    $trail = '';
    $home = '/<a href="' . get_home_url() . '">Home</a>';
    $query_obj = get_queried_object();
    $term_id = $query_obj->term_id;
    $taxonomy = get_taxonomy($query_obj->taxonomy);

    if ($term_id && $taxonomy) {
        // Add taxonomy label name to the trail
        $trail .= '/' . $taxonomy->labels->menu_name;

        // Add term parents to the trail
        $trail .= '/' . get_term_parents_list($term_id, $taxonomy->name, array('inclusive' => false));

    // Print trail and add current term name at the end
    echo '<p class="breadcrumb-trail">' . $home . $trail . $query_obj->name . '</p>';

This example retrieves the term parents list without links.

$term_parents = get_term_parents_list($term_id, $taxonomy, array('link' => false));
echo $term_parents;

Display Term Parents Using Slugs

This example retrieves the term parents list with slugs instead of names.

$term_parents = get_term_parents_list($term_id, $taxonomy, array('format' => 'slug'));
echo $term_parents;

Display Term Parents With a Custom Separator

This example retrieves the term parents list using a custom separator.

$term_parents = get_term_parents_list($term_id, $taxonomy, array('separator' => ' > '));
echo $term_parents;