Using WordPress ‘get_the_author_msn()’ PHP function

The get_the_author_msn() WordPress PHP function retrieves the MSN address of the author of the current post.




Input: echo get_the_author_msn();

Output: [email protected]


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More information

See WordPress Developer Resources: get_the_author_msn


Display the author’s MSN address in a post

Display the MSN address of the author within a post or page.

function display_author_msn() {
  $msn_address = get_the_author_msn();
  echo 'MSN Address: <strong>' . $msn_address . '</strong>';
add_action('the_content', 'display_author_msn');

Add author’s MSN address to post metadata

Add the MSN address of the author to the post’s metadata.

function add_author_msn_to_metadata($post_id) {
  $msn_address = get_the_author_msn();
  update_post_meta($post_id, 'author_msn_address', $msn_address);
add_action('save_post', 'add_author_msn_to_metadata');

Show author’s MSN address in author box

Create an author box that includes the author’s MSN address.

function display_author_box() {
  $msn_address = get_the_author_msn();
  echo '<div class="author-box">';
  echo '<h4>About the Author</h4>';
  echo '<p>MSN Address: <strong>' . $msn_address . '</strong></p>';
  echo '</div>';
add_action('the_content', 'display_author_box');

Display author’s MSN address in a widget

Create a widget to display the MSN address of the author in a sidebar or other widget area.

function author_msn_widget() {

class Author_MSN_Widget extends WP_Widget {
  function __construct() {
    parent::__construct(false, 'Author MSN Address');

  function widget($args, $instance) {
    echo $args['before_widget'];
    echo $args['before_title'] . 'Author MSN Address' . $args['after_title'];
    echo '<p>' . get_the_author_msn() . '</p>';
    echo $args['after_widget'];

add_action('widgets_init', 'author_msn_widget');

Display author’s MSN address only for a specific author

Show the MSN address only for a specific author by checking their username.

function display_specific_author_msn() {
  $author_username = 'johnsmith';

  if (get_the_author_meta('user_login') == $author_username) {
    $msn_address = get_the_author_msn();
    echo 'MSN Address: <strong>' . $msn_address . '</strong>';

add_action('the_content', 'display_specific_author_msn');