Using WordPress ‘month_link’ PHP filter

The month_link WordPress PHP filter allows you to modify the permalink of a month archive page.


add_filter('month_link', 'your_custom_function', 10, 3);

function your_custom_function($monthlink, $year, $month) {
    // your custom code here
    return $monthlink;


  • $monthlink (string): The permalink for the month archive.
  • $year (int): The year for the archive.
  • $month (int): The month for the archive.

More information

See WordPress Developer Resources: month_link


This code appends a custom query string to month archive links.

function add_query_string_to_month_link($monthlink, $year, $month) {
    $monthlink = add_query_arg('custom_param', 'value', $monthlink);
    return $monthlink;
add_filter('month_link', 'add_query_string_to_month_link', 10, 3);

Change month archive URL structure

This code changes the month archive URL structure from /year/month to /archive/year-month.

function custom_month_archive_url_structure($monthlink, $year, $month) {
    $monthlink = home_url('/archive/' . $year . '-' . zeroise($month, 2));
    return $monthlink;
add_filter('month_link', 'custom_month_archive_url_structure', 10, 3);

Add the archive type to the month archive URL

This code appends the archive type to month archive URLs.

function append_archive_type_to_month_link($monthlink, $year, $month) {
    $monthlink = trailingslashit($monthlink) . 'archive-type';
    return $monthlink;
add_filter('month_link', 'append_archive_type_to_month_link', 10, 3);

Redirect month archives to a custom page

This code redirects all month archive pages to a custom page called “Archives”.

function redirect_month_archives_to_custom_page($monthlink, $year, $month) {
    $monthlink = home_url('/archives/');
    return $monthlink;
add_filter('month_link', 'redirect_month_archives_to_custom_page', 10, 3);

Add a custom prefix to month archive URLs

This code adds a custom prefix to the month archive URLs.

function add_custom_prefix_to_month_link($monthlink, $year, $month) {
    $monthlink = str_replace('/' . $year, '/custom-prefix/' . $year, $monthlink);
    return $monthlink;
add_filter('month_link', 'add_custom_prefix_to_month_link', 10, 3);