Using WordPress ‘network_sites_updated_message_{$_GET[‘updated’]}’ PHP filter

The network_sites_updated_message_{$_GET[‘updated’]} WordPress PHP action allows you to filter and customize non-default site update messages in the Network admin.


add_filter('network_sites_updated_message_custom_action', 'your_custom_function_name', 10, 1);

function your_custom_function_name($msg) {
    // your custom code here
    return $msg;


  • $msg (string): The update message. Default is ‘Settings saved’.

More information

See WordPress Developer Resources: network_sites_updated_message_{$_GET[‘updated’]}


Customizing the Update Message for a Specific Action

Customize the update message when a specific action, e.g. ‘my_custom_action’, has been performed.

add_filter('network_sites_updated_message_my_custom_action', 'customize_my_custom_action_message', 10, 1);

function customize_my_custom_action_message($msg) {
    $msg = 'My custom action completed successfully.';
    return $msg;

Adding Additional Information to the Update Message

Add extra information to the default update message.

add_filter('network_sites_updated_message_updated', 'add_additional_info_to_update_message', 10, 1);

function add_additional_info_to_update_message($msg) {
    $msg .= ' Please check your email for further details.';
    return $msg;

Displaying an Error Message

Display an error message when a specific action, e.g. ‘failed_action’, has failed.

add_filter('network_sites_updated_message_failed_action', 'display_failed_action_message', 10, 1);

function display_failed_action_message($msg) {
    $msg = 'Error: The action failed. Please try again later.';
    return $msg;

Customizing Update Message Based on a Condition

Customize the update message for a specific action, e.g. ‘conditional_action’, based on a certain condition.

add_filter('network_sites_updated_message_conditional_action', 'customize_conditional_action_message', 10, 1);

function customize_conditional_action_message($msg) {
    if (current_user_can('manage_options')) {
        $msg = 'Action completed. You have the required permissions.';
    } else {
        $msg = 'Action completed. You do not have the required permissions.';
    return $msg;

Translating the Update Message

Translate the update message for a specific action, e.g. ‘translated_action’, using gettext functions.

add_filter('network_sites_updated_message_translated_action', 'translate_action_message', 10, 1);

function translate_action_message($msg) {
    $msg = __('Action completed. Settings saved.', 'text-domain');
    return $msg;