Using WordPress ‘rest_endpoints’ PHP filter

The rest_endpoints WordPress PHP filter allows you to modify the available REST API endpoints.


add_filter('rest_endpoints', 'your_custom_function');
function your_custom_function($endpoints) {
    // your custom code here
    return $endpoints;


  • $endpoints (array): The available endpoints. An array of matching regex patterns, each mapped to an array of callbacks for the endpoint. These take the format '/path/regex' => array( $callback, $bitmask ) or '/path/regex' => array( array( $callback, $bitmask ).

More information

See WordPress Developer Resources: rest_endpoints


Disable /users rest routes

add_filter('rest_endpoints', function( $endpoints ) {
    if ( isset( $endpoints['/wp/v2/users'] ) ) {
        unset( $endpoints['/wp/v2/users'] );
    if ( isset( $endpoints['/wp/v2/users/(?P<id>[\d]+)'] ) ) {
        unset( $endpoints['/wp/v2/users/(?P<id>[\d]+)'] );
    return $endpoints;

Remove a specific endpoint

Remove the /wp/v2/posts endpoint from the available endpoints.

add_filter('rest_endpoints', 'remove_specific_endpoint');
function remove_specific_endpoint($endpoints) {
    return $endpoints;

Add a custom endpoint

Add a custom endpoint /my-plugin/v1/data with a custom callback function.

add_filter('rest_endpoints', 'add_custom_endpoint');
function add_custom_endpoint($endpoints) {
    $endpoints['/my-plugin/v1/data'] = array('my_custom_callback', 0);
    return $endpoints;

Modify an existing endpoint’s bitmask

Change the bitmask of an existing endpoint /wp/v2/users to require authentication.

add_filter('rest_endpoints', 'modify_existing_endpoint');
function modify_existing_endpoint($endpoints) {
    $endpoints['/wp/v2/users'][1] = 1;
    return $endpoints;

Add multiple custom endpoints

Add multiple custom endpoints with different regex patterns and callbacks.

add_filter('rest_endpoints', 'add_multiple_custom_endpoints');
function add_multiple_custom_endpoints($endpoints) {
    $endpoints['/my-plugin/v1/data'] = array('my_custom_callback1', 0);
    $endpoints['/my-plugin/v1/settings'] = array('my_custom_callback2', 0);
    return $endpoints;

Remove all endpoints

Remove all available REST API endpoints.

add_filter('rest_endpoints', 'remove_all_endpoints');
function remove_all_endpoints($endpoints) {
    return array();