Facebook HEARS everything?

Facebook is in a unique position where it can learn the most private information about it’s users. They want more information to make more money from advertisements. And people are complying – filling it with data through posts, private messages and meta data like what content you interact with and when. […]

Why UX is more important than SEO

Google rewards good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by bringing users to your website – but what about the User Experience (UX) when they get there. There’s an obsessive focus on SEO for websites – but without good UX it’s dead traffic that wont convert to sales or engage. So why […]

Annoying web trends that need to stop

Web design should be about delivering content to users – but increasingly it’s loosing this and making it harder to consume content. These web design trends are annoying and frustrating users and need to stop. Ads inside content With an ever increasing desire to find more profitable ad placements – […]

Free stock images for your web design projects

Finding images for a web design mockup can be tedious and expensive. A quick Google search will reveal many websites that offer free stock images, but you’ll find mostly low quality images on ad riddled websites. Fortunately some websites deliver better than others. The list below are the ones that […]

Firefox fights Google Chrome with speed and resources

Firefox has always been a strong contender in the browser wars but in the last few years it’s been a loosing battle against Google Chrome. Recently Mozilla released Firefox 57 – claiming to be twice as fast and 30% lighter than Google Chrome. This offers would offer some serious competition […]

WordPress 4.9 is out! And it’s awesome!

WordPress 4.9 is out and features some seriously awesome new features. Improved theme customiser Draft and schedule design customisations The theme customiser now allows you to create draft customisations and schedule their publish date. This can be done using by clicking on the ‘cog’ icon in the theme customiser. Design […]

Are WordPress developers “real” developers?

When it comes to software development, WordPress developers get a bad rap. Many won’t consider WordPress developers “real” developers – and there’s no wonder with “developer” being so overused in the WordPress ecosystem – resulting in no separation between those that can install plugins and themes and those that produce […]

Do not delete Active Directory user accounts !

I’m always surprised to hear of Active Directory user accounts being deleted as part of normal account management. I was taught to never delete user accounts and every Active Directory environment I’ve managed has been the same. Instead an account is set to “disabled”, removed from any email distribution lists […]

WordPress Gutenberg – what happens when developers go wild

Since early 2017 WordPress developers have been working on a new content editor for WordPress – code name  “Gutenberg”. The intent is to replace the current content editor, TinyMCE, but for the meanwhile Gutenberg is a plugin in it’s beta development phase. Gutenberg is attempting to completely reinvent how editors interact with content […]