Buying on the Envato Market is WAY harder than it should be

Having recently purchased an item off the Envato Market I was surprised at just how hard they make the whole process. The expectation of consumers is a few clicks to select, pay for and download an item – but the Envato Market is nowhere near this simple. Before looking at […]

Beware WordPress developers that rely on third-party plugins

When engaging a WordPress developer there’s one very simple but important question you must ask – do they develop or implement. With hundreds of thousands of free plugins and many more premium plugins there’s an alarming trend of people claiming to be ‘WordPress developers’ but when it comes to the development […]

Seven ways to speed up a WordPress site

Here’s a list of seven easy things you can do to speed up a WordPress website. 1. Remove plugins Any plugins you have enabled are potentially slowing down your website – some times more than others. Check your plugins page in wp-admin and remove any unnecessary plugins which you’re not […]

10 tips for spotting phishing emails

‘Phishing’ emails are designed to convince the recipient to share his or her personal information with an Internet-based criminal. Usually they will pretend to be from a financial institution like PayPal or a bank but can also be from individuals offering a deal that’s too good to be true. The […]