Install PDF Creator 1.2.1 Silently

Updated 22-June-2011:

Please note:  The PDF Creator installer no longer supports the tasks="!toolbar installation switch. Instead you need to use a custom INF file to specify this setting. This process has been updated to detail what to do.


The following process has been tested and confirmed working with PDF Creator 1.2.1  and ConfigMgr / SCCM R2 (Installing on Windows 7 x86 and x64).

It does the following tasks:

  • Install PDF Creator silently
  • Exlcudes Internet Explorer Toolbar
  • Excludes Application Updater
  • Excludes Desktop shortcut

 Please note – if you want PDF Creator to install completely silently (no UI) use /verysilent rather than /silent

  1. Download the latest version of the installer file from
  2. Create a text file called install.cmd and copy in the following information
@echo off
REM  Installs PDF Creator - Excluding the Internet Explorer Toolbar
echo --------------------------------------------------------
echo .
echo .
echo .      Installing PDF Creator - Please Wait
"%~dp0PDFCreator-1_2_1_setup.exe" /LOADINF="%~dp0pdfcreator.inf" /DontUseYahooSearch /silent /nocancel /norestart /FORCEINSTALL
REM Return exit code to SCCM
exit /B %EXIT_CODE%

  1. Create a text file called pdfcreator.inf and copy in the following information


  1. Copy the installer file, install.cmd and pdfcreator.inf to your software package share
  2. You can now create your SCCM package or deploy the software by using install.cmd


For more information on creating SCCM packages see distribute software using SCCM.


For more information on PDF Creator installation options see

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6 comments on “Install PDF Creator 1.2.1 Silently

  1. Hi Smurf –

    I’ve made another minor update, could you try following the process again?

    I suspect the pdfcreator.inf text wasn’t copying over correctly (the lines weren’t breaking, the saved information ended up being one long string).

    If that fails to work double check that the saved text in pdfcreator.inf copied correctly.

    Failing that, there must be something unique about your enviroment. I’ve tested this deployment method on several systems (Win XP and Win7) and it worked as expected.

    If you’re desperate you may want to run the following commands after the PDF Creator install (apparently they will uninstall the Toolbar).

    rem pdfforge Toolbar v4.1
    MsiExec /qn /X {B1BFDF6B-3C03-46fe-B5D7-BABB0063D8E0}
    rem pdfforge Toolbar v4.3
    MsiExec /qn /X {A0B139A7-E8D5-49E8-A7BF-12421E652208}
    rem pdfforge Toolbar v4.4
    MsiExec /qn /X {BCB52F35-4C56-49F2-A3D6-FDED54B01847}

  2. Hey Smurf –

    It looks like the installer no longer supports the [b]tasks=”!toolbar [/b] option.

    I’ve updated this article to use another method which will exclude the toolbar and yahoo search integration.

  3. It works but i would prefer an installation without toolbar.
    With the following information (line 2) the toolbar is included.

    Can you please help me?
    Thanks a lot.

    Regards from Germany

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