How to exclude WordPress wp-admin from CloudFlare

CloudFlare is a popular and free service that speeds up your website by managing the websites DNS and routing traffic to a visitors closest cache of your static content, such as images, CSS files and JavaScript files.

CloudFlare works similarly to a CDN but is actually more like a reverse proxy service. Since CloudFlare manages the DNS for your website it handles all requests and can offer performance and security benefits beyond what a traditional CDN can.

A few times I have noticed the WordPress wp-admin page behave strangely, such as the WYSIWYG  not loading, when the website is managed by CloudFlare. Whilst I’ve never worked out if CloudFlare is part of the issue, I personally prefer to exclude the admin page to ensure it won’t get in the way.

Note that this will bypass the security benefits that CloudFlare offers for your wp-admin. I highly suggest you instead control who can access the wp-admin by using .htaccess.

To exclude wp-admin from CloudFlare you will first need to log into the CloudFlare admin page –

For the website you want to configure, click on the cog icon and then ‘Page rules’


Now create two new rules one for your wp-admin folder, for example the pattern would be –*

And another for the wp-admin.php file, for example the pettern would be –*

Now for these two rules disable all services.