Is Google testing a new search results design?

[UPDATE: 19/02/2014]

It appears like the search design has changed again.

This time underlines are appearing but when you click on a result you see a grey background and orange text.


This was seen using Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 10 – as well as not being logged into a Google account.


Some users are reporting their Google search results using non-underlined links.

This has been seen previously back in 2011 and completely disregards the long held web standard of having links underlined.

Is Google changing their search results design?


Here’s what the search results look like without the underlines:



What do you think of the non-underlined links? Is it a good or a bad thing?

Who else is seeing this in their search results? So far it appears to only be affecting Internet Explorer when not logged into any Google services.