VBS Script – Get Monitor Serial Number Remotely

The following script will remotely connect to a computer on your network, query the registy for the monitor details and output what it finds.

It can be used to remotely get the monitor make, model and serial number from any computer on your network.

There are two versions of the script available, one for a single computer or one for a list of computers.

Get monitor serial number for a single computer


Download: Get Monitor Info – remotely.vbs

When you run the script it will prompt for the remote computer name:


After entering the remote computer name it will return the information on the attached monitors.

This computer has two monitors, so the information is separated by [Monitor_1] and [Monitor_2]



Get monitor serial number for a list of computers

Note – you require Microsoft Excel installed on the computer are you running this script.

Download: VBS – Get Monitor Serial Number Remotely – Machine List.zip

  1. After downloading and extracting the ZIP file you will find two files,
    1. MachineList.txt – which holds the list of computers to get the serial numbers from, each computer name needs to be on a new line
    2. Get_Monitor Info – remotely (MachineList).vbs – the script to run
  2. Update MachineList with the list of computers
  3. Run ‘Get_Monitor Info – remotely (MachineList).vbs’
  4. Microsoft Excel will load and begin to add the header row then the details of each computer
  5. If a computer is online (available on the network) its details will be recorded then it is removed from MachineList.txt
  6. If a computer is offline it is marked as ‘Offline’ in the excel document and it remains in MachineList, so you can run the script later when the computer is online.


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26 comments on “VBS Script – Get Monitor Serial Number Remotely

  1. I had tried to my pc and my co IT pc, this script found ours computers serial number but those other computers that on the same domain and network it didn’t showed any from the other machine that i icluded on machine list. please help thank you this is useful script if it’s gonna work on our network.

  2. Any way to pull the monitor serial numbers from a lenovo thinkpad thats in a docking station?
    Desktops and directly attached mointors to machines work, some are wrong serials but the monitors are correct just not pulling ones attached to docking stations.

  3. The wrong numbers serial numbers were returned. I turned my monitors around to check. Bummer! We could really use a script that works as we have hundreds of monitors. 🙁

    1. Hey Staci – have you found it’s not working with a particular combination? Operating system, monitor make and model, particular video card? I remember when I first used this script we actually found that our manufacture hadn’t been writing the correct serial number into the monitors software ! It might be worth using the monitors on screen menu to check what the ‘software’ serial number is compared to the one on the sticker?

    1. Hi, can i get vbscript to get all HW . HDD zise , Ram size , number or RAM installed,
      MAC Address , Operating System , HD Free Space [GB], HD Used Space [GB], CPU Speed, USB devices installed, HD S/N, HD Model, ect..

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