[SOLVED] Windows 10 – Screen brightness too dark

Windows 10 comes complete with a number of energy efficient options, however some of these leave may leave your screen brightness uncomfortably dark.

Here’s a few ways to make the screen brighter.

Option 1: Disable automatic brightness adjustments

Note: for computers with a light sensor (typically laptop computers).

See: Windows 10 – How to disable automatic brightness adjustments

 Option 2: Adjust screen brightness

Note: not all monitors support this feature – this option may not be available for you.

  1. Click on the Notifications icon at the bottom right of the screen
  2. You may have to click the ‘Expand’ link to see all the options available
  3. Use the brightness slider to select the desired brightness

Option 3: Use the monitors brightness settings

If neither of these options helped, you may need to adjust the brightness of your monitor using the adjustment options on the monitor.

If you’re using a laptop computer, these are usually located on the keyboard under the F buttons (e.g. F1). You should seen an icon on the button which represents the screen brightness being more or less. You may also need to use the FN (function) button on the keyboard to use these buttons.

If you’re using a desktop computer, the buttons are normally located to the side of the monitor.

Help – none of these options helped !

If none of these options helped and your screen is extremely dark – it’s possible you have a hardware fault. For example, the backlight on the screen is not working.

To confirm this, restart your computer while holding the SHIFT key (Windows -> Power -> HOLD SHIFT and click Restart). When the computer starts to boot you should see some on screen messages. If these are also extremely dark it’s likely you have a hardware fault.

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11 comments on “[SOLVED] Windows 10 – Screen brightness too dark

  1. None of this worked for me at all. All possible settings were at 100% brightness, I had (many, many months ago) already made sure I disabled automatic dimming. But it still made my laptop go verrrrry dark on battery. In the end in absolute frustration just now I went into “change brightness level” and wiggled the slider around before putting it back at 100. SOMEHOW IT’S SUPER BRIGHT NOW ALTHOUGH STILL ON THE SAME SETTING. I am simultaneously pissed off and relieved. Windows sort your shit out.

  2. My lenovo computer moniter is extremely dark that i cant even see anything when its on. And when i turn it off it’s still on? I left it on for 20 minutes.

  3. Most help sites are not as visual in illustrating solutions. They rely on text descriptions too much which you can easily loose your frame of reference when you are a novice user and have not created or discovered a mental model yet (I think that’s why Windows new releases are so problematic for users.) The Atlantic magazine recently (Sep 2017) had a great insight into why learning programming is so difficult: “The Coming Software Apocalypse.”

  4. Please add SharePoint as topic. I know SharePoint is humungous… but like WordPress, SharePoint is malleable in design approaches. I think this approach could help end users help or site owner help level of the most common design questions.

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