Windows 7 – Display Colour Calibration Tool

Windows 7 includes a tool to help calibrate the colours on your display. Calibrating your display ensures that the colours are displayed correctly on your monitor. You can control modify settings such as gamma, adjust brightness and contrast and color balance.

Please Note: the wizard requires local administration rights.


To run the Display Colour Calibration tool:

  1. Right-click a blank area of the desktop and select ‘Screen Resolution’
  2. MSWin7-ColourCal1
  3. Click ‘Advanced Settings’
  4. MSWin7-ColourCal2
  5. Click on the ‘Color Management’ tab and then the ‘Color Management’ button
  6. MSWin7-ColourCal3
  7. Select the ‘Advanced’ tab then the ‘Calibrate Display’ button
  8. MSWin7-ColourCal4
  9. A Wizard will walk you through tuning your display, and picking the ideal settings for each of your monitors